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Room 1 Anchor
"Where am I? Why am I here?
I think I hear something.
I have to get out of this place."

Room 1: Wherehouse A

You find yourself in an empty warehouse. With limited information on how you got here, push yourself to find a way out before you lose your chance and are trapped forever.

See Junkyard (B) below for extended game options.

Level: Beginner

For 2-6 players

(4 players recommended)

Room 2 Anchor
"What happened to my friends?
I need to find them and get out of here."

Room 2: Junkyard (B)

You've lost contact with your friends and you need to find them in order to escape from this locked room you find yourselves in.

This room can be played independently (2-6 players), as a 2-hour continuation of Wherehouse (A) (3-6 players), as a cooperative experience (4-12 players) or as a competitive challenge (2-6 vs. 2-6) against players in Wherehouse (A).

Level: Beginner

For 2-6 players

(4 players recommended)

Chained door.jpg
Room 3 Anchor
"Oh my god, I'm late for the wedding. Where's my tux and ... the door?

Room 3: Hangover

A good hangover comes with a lot of consequences. Wake up, check your knuckles, check your wallet, check your shoes and pockets for vomit...

"Wait. where am I? How the hell do I get out of here?"

For 3-5 players

Room 4 Anchor
"The blindfold is kind of sexy but ... oooh, that feels good. Honey ...
Is that you?"

Room 4: (Shades of) Grey

A sensual adventure to share with someone close. 

For 2 players

(can be played with 3)

Room 5 Anchor
"How do I get out of this trap before it triggers? Should I help my friends or sabotage them for my own survival?"

Room 5: Saw

You and your friends find yourselves trapped in a mechanism that will undoubtedly finish you. Choose whether to help your friends, harm them, accept their potentially fratricidal assistance or work on your own. Only one of you will survive.

Level: Unknown

For 2-4 players

Room 6 Anchor
"Where did that rabbit go? Why does everything look so strange? I have to get back but where is the way out?"

Room 6: Alice

You've fallen down the rabbit hole and things are getting weird. Escape before you are trapped in Wonderland forever.

For 2-6 players

*Opening dates for new rooms are subject to change.

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