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Frequently asked questions

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What is an escape game?


The concept has been coined an Escape Room, but you might also hear names like exit game and exit room.  These are still fairly new, but there has been a boom in popularity in the last few years with thousands of rooms around the world.


An escape room is a game played against the clock in a themed room that presents a series of interactive puzzles.  The theme is meant to simulate being trapped in some particular scenario.  The goal is for players to "escape" by solving the mystery or figuring out the story line as they progress through the game.  Most games require teamwork and communication finish on time.  Once solved, the game usually ends in the main entrance area.


Read more:  Escape Room Wiki



Am I really locked in a room?


No, not really.  In our games, doors are locked, but the key is hanging nearby.  You can leave anytime you like.



Is it scary?


No, it shouldn't be.  Aside from being "locked" in a room, our themes are not meant to create more than tension and excitement.  There are no intentionally scary surprises or horror themes.



What if we don't make it out in time?


Don't worry.  We encourage everyone to become fully immersed in the experience. Some of our puzzles are intentionally difficult, and it is not meant for every group to solve them. Some rooms are more challenging than others.  It is quite possible that you will not "escape" in time. That’s okay. You'll have fun.


 Once the time has run out, one of our staff will walk the team through the room, give a recap of each puzzle, and go over anything that was missed.




You can get a discount voucher for a re-try of the same room.  The discount is based on how much of the room you completed; the more you finished the bigger the discount.  Click HERE for details.



Will our group have to share the room?


No.  Once you book the room, it is all yours.

Can I play alone? Can we play with more than the limit?


Yes, but understand that too few or too many players may negatively affect your experience.

Please bear in mind that the rooms are set in size and more than the suggested number of players may make it very crowded. The games are carefully balanced to make it challenging but not impossible to finish in 60 minutes. The more players you have, the more puzzles your team can work on at the same time and the more likely you will escape the room in time ... or even too quickly.

One player will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to finish but you are welcome try. Just pay for the 2-player experience and come alone. We cannot offer a discount for single players.

While we don't offer additional players during the booking process, you may add one additional player to the room. Simply leave us a message during booking and we will invoice you at the natural price progression, usually¥2,500-3,300. You can also arrive with more players than reserved and pay at the door for the addition.

See HERE for pricing.


Are there any age restrictions?


We limit the minimum age to Junior High School and older but there is no maximum age. Also, there must be at least one adult playing in the room at all times.  Please note that Mr. Grey's room is for adults only.

Do I need to prepare?


No. No special skills or training are required - meaning anyone and everyone can play! To successfully "escape", the most important things are teamwork and communication.  Remember, we will provide extra clues when necessary!


What should I wear?


Wear what makes you comfortable.  No special clothing or shoes required.  Although the games are not particularly physical, there will probably be a lot of bending, kneeling and running around in circles.  We recommend casual clothes.




Do you take phone bookings?


Sorry, phone booking are not available right now.  Booking must be made online.  There is a phone number for emergency contact,  but please understand that the reception area is only staffed for the times booked.  There is no guarantee staff will be there to answer the phone otherwise.




I went to EGF, but there wasn't anyone there.  Why?


Our reception area is only staffed for sure when there is a booking.  If you would like to contact us please send an email.  In case of emergency, you should be able to contact us by phone just before and after your booking.  




What if we want to change the number of players?


No problem.  The final price and cost per player only depends on the number of people entering the room. You can always add players up to the room limit. If you paid online you can pay the difference at the door by cash or credit card. Please be advised, we cannot offer a refund for absent players if you paid online.




What if we need to cancel, or change the booking?


Provided your request is made at least 48 hours in advance, you are allowed 2 free time changes, store credit or a refund; further changes may incur fees.

See HERE for our full policy.





What if we are going to be late?


The clock starts with or with out you.  We will try to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee we can allow an extension.





Do I have to know English/Japanese?  What language is the game in?


No.  We have bilingual staff.  As for the game, we have tried to design the puzzles and clues with no specific language requirements necessary.  Although, being able to recognize the ABC's might help. If a clue does require language, we will provide it in both English and Japanese.  Please note that the backstory and rules will be provided in written English and Japanese only.



What payment methods do you accept?


While we prefer cash, we accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diner's Club and Discover. A 4% surcharge applies.

Do you accept Bitcoin?


We are very interested in cryptocurrency and will be exploring a method for accepting it in the near future but we currently do not take crypto as a payment method.

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