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An exciting new experience

Who are we?  What are we?

We are Fukuoka's first permanent escape game room.  We offer four rooms for a unique and amazing experience. 

How this works:


This is all still pretty new, so if you are not familiar with Escape Rooms read up on them HERE.  


Each of our rooms has a theme and requires a collective effort to solve a series of objectives.  These could be solving a puzzle, finding a secret trigger or even performing some action.  It's up to you to figure out what you are supposed to do!  This usually leads to the key/combination to a lock or the release of a door or compartment. The backstory provided for your room helps create an immersive experience for the group.  Props, lighting and background sounds will also add to the mood.  And, don't forget that damn ticking clock!


Expect to have a great time!

The simple version:

The long version:

First you will need to get organized:


Create a team

1.  Each of our rooms can accommodate a different number of people ranging from 2-6 people.  Keep this in mind when organizing your team.  You might even want to check the rooms for recommended capacity first.


Book a room online

2.  Navigate to the booking page and choose the room you want along with a date and time.  Make the reservation.

Fees may apply for cancellations. Click here of our policy.


Receive confirmation / invoice
Choose your payment option

3.  When we have confirmed a staff member for your game you will receive an auto-reply the details of your request. When we have confirmed a staff member for your game, we will send you an invoice with payment options. Click on "View Invoice" to see the details of your reservation. Select "Pay Invoice" and choose your payment method: credit card, Paypal or cash. If you select "Cash" you are finished. We will have a record that you intend to pay on the day of your arrival. You should also choose "Cash" as your payment method if you want to pay by credit card on the day. If you choose an online payment, follow the steps to complete booking.


Arrive 10 minutes before the game


Get locked in your room

What happens when we arrive?

4.  Be sure to arrive about 10 minutes early. Finalize your payment.

 Our staff will brief you on what to do and what to expect in your chosen room.  You will also receive a backstory (Japanese or English only)

ALL PLAYERS must read the rules and complete the required waiver before playing. 


 Make yourself comfortable, relax, go to the bathroom.  You want to be ready in body and mind for the game; you will be in there for up to an hour. Please keep in mind, there is no smoking anywhere in the building.

 There are no cell phones, cameras or other recording devices allowed in the themed rooms.  We will provide lockers for small bags and personal items.  Larger items can be stored outside in a storage room.  Remember, there are also lockers in the stations nearby.


Try to escape within 60 minutes
Look for connections, find clues, solve puzzles, decipher codes


Escape! or Escape?

5.   It is time to get started!  Your team will be led into your room possibly with the lights out.  The door closes and "locks".  The countdown timer starts immediately.

6.  Start searching, start thinking!  You only have 60 minutes so keep your eye on the countdown timer! Organize clues you have found as puzzle pieces often come in stages. Be careful! Not everything in the room is useful or a clue.

If you are stuck, clues will be provided by the staff.  Remember each clue comes with a 1 minute penalty to your final score.

7.  Check the best times board to see how you did. Take a photo to show off to your friends and family. With your permission, we will upload them to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Re-book at a discount

8.  If you failed to escape, each player can get a discount voucher for a replay.  The discount is calculated from you progress in the game.  The farther you got the bigger your discount, ranging from 50 up to 90%.  Some restrictions apply. Click HERE for details.


    We are conveniently located in Chiyo, between Kyudai University Hospital and the Prefectural offices (Kencho)

From Tenjin:

   Bus:14 min: Take bus #1 or #77 from anywhere along Meiji Dori and get off at the Kencho-mae Bus stop. The building entrance is on the next street.

   Subway: 10 min: Take the Kaizuka line and get off at Chiyo-Kenchoguchi. It is a 350-meter walk from there. Entrance is on the Kyudai Hospital street.

 From Hakata:

   Bus: 13 min: Take Bus #29 and get off in 4 stops at Kyudaibyoin Kenchozen Bus Stop. You should see our sign on your right just before you get off.

Yoshizuka Station:

   Bus: 5 min: Cross the street to the bus stop in front of Higashi park. Take #7, #12, #13, #51, #52, #77 or #140 for 2 stops. Get off at Kencho-mae.

   Walk: If you prefer to walk, we are only 850 meters from Yoshizuka station. Please use the map below or your own mapping app.


   Bicycle: We are about a 15-min. ride from Tenjin or Hakata stations. Limited parking is available in front of the building.

   By car: There are several paid parking lots in the area, including Kyudai Hospital. Many people park on the street without trouble but no guarantees.

   MaidashiKyudaiByoin-Mae subway station in about 350 meters from us.

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