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"Entertain Your Brain"

Coming September 2017
Escape Games - A primer
You are locked in a room. A timer begins to count down. Are you clever enough to find your way out? Find clues and unlock puzzles that lead you one step closer to getting out! 
But can you escape in time?

What is an Escape Game?

The concept has been coined Escape Room, but it might also sometimes be called an exit game or exit room.


An​ escape game is a live physical adventure where players are "locked" in a room.  Each room has a theme with some type of story line to follow or mystery to solve.  Players try to escape the room within a time limit by looking for clues, solving puzzles and deciphering codes.  It is a team-based activity encouraging collaboration and creative thinking.  The games are meant to be mentally challenging to some degree and many require at least some physical activity.


Escape game rooms are modeled after the "escape the room" style video games in which players are trapped inside some fictional location and must explore and exploit their environment in order to find their way out. The first major company began in Japan in 2007. The concept spread and, today, there are thousands of rooms around the globe. 


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Mr. Grey's
(Ideal for couples)
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Operating Hours
Room 04

Who plays?

Friends, family and couples:  You crave fun and excitement!  And, honestly, you are getting tired of the same old places.  You need something new and different; something that will stimulate your mind, challenge you senses and make you laugh. We can help!  Join forces with your friends, your loved one(s), your kids to solve the mysteries and beat the clock.  We aren't just great entertainment, we are an experiment in human psychology!  How will you do?  Will you pull it together in time?  Get to know each other better and give yourselves a day to remember.  You will be talking about it for years!

Tourists: Tired of walking around?  Tired of shopping?  Want to get out of the heat or rain?  We’re here for you! Come do what the locals do, maybe you will even meet some!  Rest assured you will have a unique memory of your time in Fukuoka!

Company and school groups:  Teamwork and fun are designed into each game.  We offer a completely different way to build teams and bond.  Your group will enter one of our scenarios where teamwork and communication are the only way out!  Each game involves a mix of mental challenges, tests of skills and physical activities.

Replays:  Failed to escape the room on time?  Is it eating you up inside?  You were so close!  Bet you could have gotten out if you had done something different . . . We've got you covered!  All groups that fail to escape will be offered a discount to replay the same room at a later date.  The discount is based on your progress in the game.  The farther you got, the bigger the discount!  Some restrictions will apply, but be sure to get the coupon and details before you leave.








- Jeffery Lyons, New York Times
“I loved it! Much better than Cats. I'm going to play it again and again.”  
Our Recent News
Escape Games Fukuoka to open soon

Escape Games Fukuoka is coming soon. Construction begins August 1st, 2017. After a short period of testing, 2 rooms will open, with 2 additional rooms opening in the near future.

As the first escape room in Western Japan, ...

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