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"Where am I? Why am I here?
I think I hear something.
I have to get out of this place."

You find yourself in an empty warehouse. With limited information on how you got here, push yourself to find a way out before you lose your chance and are trapped forever.

Room 1: The Warehouse

For 2-6 players

(4 players recommended)

Room 1 Anchor
Room 2 Anchor
"Oh my god, I'm late for the wedding. Where's my tux and ... the door?

Room 2: Hangover

A good hangover comes with a lot of consequences. Wake up, check your knuckles, check your wallet, check your shoes and pockets for vomit...

"Wait. where am I? How the hell do I get out of here?"

For 2-4 players

​(3-4 players recommended)

Room 3 Anchor
"The blindfold is kind of sexy but ... oooh, that feels good. Honey ...
Is that you?"

Room 3: Mr. Grey's Room

A sensual adventure to share with someone close. 

For 2 players

Room 4 Anchor
"Where did that rabbit go? Why does everything look so strange? I have to get back but where is the way out?"

Room 4: Alice

You've fallen down the rabbit hole and things are getting weird. Escape before you are trapped in Wonderland forever.

For 2-6 players


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